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Link Exchange

Fairly soon, I'm going to add a completely new Links page, with some actual, content related links. So, to acompany this, I'm offering anyone a link to their page to be posted on this new page. So here's what you do, send me an email containing your URL, along with confirmation that you have posted a link to my Main page on your page, and I'll post your URL as a link on my new link page.

You can't lose here. You get a free link. That means more hits. Who doesn't want more hits?

And don't worry, no matter what your page is about, I'll put a link to it. The only requirement is that you must, in turn, have a link to my page. Get it?

I do, however, reserve the right to deny certain sick, disgusting people a link if I find they're page incredibly disturbing. You seem to be a smart person, so you can probably understand what that means.

Remember, you can't lose, so just email me already!

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