The Biography

REAL NAME: Ted Sallis

Ted Sallis: Swamp Monster

HEIGHT: approx. 7 ft.

WEIGHT: approx. 400 lbs.

AGE: 50?

HAIR: None


SKIN: Green

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Man-Thing wears a hide of mossy, green skin, elephantine roots/tusks, and twin crimson orbs in the place of eyes.

I.Q.: None

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, Swamp Monster



SPECIAL ABILITIES: Although he has enhanced strength and an almost instantaneous healing factor, Man-Thing's most impressive ability is his ability to react to human emotion-- in particular, the fact that "whatever knows fear, burns at the touch of the Man-Thing."

HISTORY: For years, it stayed in the swamp outside the town of Citrusville, existing as little more than a local myth, but, after a vision of a black tomorrow, the creature emerges. Meanwhile, Ellen Brandt, a woman haunted by her past, wanders to Citrusville for reasons unknown to even her. But who is this woman, and who was Man-Thing before he was the Man-Thing?

Once, he was a chemist named Ted Sallis, working on the elusive super-soldier serum, the stuff that dreams are made of, the thing that turned Steve Rogers, a pathetic weakling, into the mighty Captain America. His wife was a young student named Ellen, put into neglect by Ted's constant experiments and research. Soon Ellen wandered astray, betraying her husband to Advanced Idea Mechanics, who sought the super-soldier serum for their own purposes. Knowing that he and the serum were in danger, Ted fled into the swamp taking the sole, untested vial of the serum with him. Fate had it's way, and Ted decided it would be better to destroy the serum than have it fall into the hands of A.I.M., so... he injested the serum. Instead of turning Ted Sallis into a super soldier, the serum mixed was affected by the ever-present primordial ooze of the swamp. As every cell in Ted Sallis' body changed, he became increasingly more plant-like. He turned into a swamp monster. He turned into the Man-Thing.

Soon, in the swamp, the Man-Thing and Ellen crossed paths. She was consunmed with fear, and it... well, the Man-Thing was simply reacting to it's environment. As the Man-Thing placed his hand on the left side of Ellen's face, her fear of what she had done to her husband reacted with the Man-Thing, and she ignited...

Now, the Man-Thing serves as the Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, the gateway between all worlds and existances, and he is now beginning a journey, a journey he will partake in with his wife, with whom he has recently been reunited, a journey to save Earth from its own future.

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